2021 FOX - 32, A, FLOAT SC, 29in, P-S, 100 -  Matte Blk, Std/Matte Blk Logo

2021 FOX - 32, A, FLOAT SC, 29in, P-S, 100 - Matte Blk, Std/Matte Blk Logo

SKU: 2021 FOX - 32, A, FLOAT SC, 29, PS 100
2021, 32, A, FLOAT SC, 29in, P-S, 100, Grip, 3Pos, Matte Blk, Std/Matte Blk Logo, 15QRx110, 1.5 T, 51mm Rake, AM


The 32 is the pioneering top model from FOX for cross-country and marathon use. Despite 32 mm stanchions, the suspension fork offers enormous stiffness values at the level of the FOX 34 Step-Cast forks.
The entry into the Fox fork world for cross country and marathon riders begins with the forks of the Performance series.
With a somewhat simpler design, the 3-position grip damper with the closed cartridge has the same structural structure as the FIT4 damper. The result is that the fork is much higher in the travel and has a smoother response with the same performance.
32 mm stanchions with low-friction coating and exclusive SKF seals guarantee a long service life. Different tuning options ensure best performance on the trail, provided they are set correctly. And that's exactly where the problem lies. Many hobby drivers are overwhelmed and do not fully utilize the potential of their chassis due to incorrect settings. The result is more frustration than pleasure when biking.
To prevent such problems in the future, Fox thought about and developed the 3-pos system. This extremely simplifies the adjustment of the pressure levels and the adjustment of the spring elements to each other and thus enables an unprecedented performance and harmony of your chassis.

  • Additional Description


    intended use : cross country, marathon
    E-bike ready: no
    Wheel size: 29 "
    Fork crown / shaft material: aluminum / aluminum
    Stanchions material: aluminum, black anodized
    Immersion tube material: Magnesium
    axle type : 15x110 mm thru-axle Boost
    Steerer: 1.5 "to 1 1/8" tapered
    Steerer tube length: 265 mm
    Travel: 100 mm
    Spring system: Float Air, air
    Adjustment of the spring characteristic: yes, via volume spacer
    Damping: 3-pos grip, closed cartridge
    Lockout: crown
    Installation height: 503.7 mm
    Brake mount: Postmount 6 "(160 mm)
    Max. permissible brake disc size: 180 mm
    Tire diameter max .: 747 mm
    Tire width max .: 2.3 "or at least 8.5 mm tire clearance to the fork bridge
    Offset: 51 mm
    Color: matt black, gray-silver logos

    Weight according to manufacturer: 1387g (27.5 ", 100 mm, FIT4 Factory, 15x110 mm Boost, 3Pos-Adj)
    Weight weighed: 1513g (51 mm offset, without thru axle and accessories)

    Scope of delivery:

    1x FOX suspension fork 2021 29 "SC Float 32 PS 100 Step-Cast 3-Pos Grip Performance Boost
    1x FOX thru axle (Boost)
    2x FOX Air Volume Spacers
    1x ahead claw
    1x instruction manual