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Fox 34 AWL 120mm 27.5"

Fox 34 AWL 120mm 27.5"

SKU: Fox Code: 910-20-211
₱34,190.00 Regular Price
₱17,095.00Sale Price



AWL: Adventure Without Limits. Designed to bring highly evolved, broadly tunable, super capable, ultra-reliable suspension to the cycling SUV market. Whether you are racing the clock to fit in another lap, or riding further than you have ever before, AWL suspension is here to make every ride limitless.



The explosion of electric assist technology has radically altered the cycling landscape. Not only are dedicated mountain bikers exploring new terrain and carrying more momentum over bigger obstacles, but capabilities across the entire e-cycling continuum have ramped up massively. This has put a whole new set of performance – and safety – demands on bikes and their components. People are riding farther, faster, and hauling more gear across more varied terrain than ever before and they need proven, high-performance suspension that can handle this new range of needs.



Leveraging FOX’s extensive experience with building the world’s highest performance off-road suspension systems, the new AWL fork is based around the acclaimed FOX 34 chassis. Featuring lightweight but stiff 34mm stanchions and a precision cast magnesium lower, the AWL tracks precisely without any unwanted flex and ensures optimal long-term performance, regardless of the weather and dirt you plow through. Performance and adjustability are paramount thanks to our infinitely tunable EVOL air spring and proven Rail damper. Externally adjustable rebound and compression damping are tool-free and easily accessible, while the Rail’s sealed damper system delivers exceptional performance, bomber reliability, and hassle-free maintenance.



AWL’s stout chassis is available in both 27.5” and 29” wheel sizes and is rigorously tested to withstand a 169kg total weight rating. Fender, rack and light mounts are integrated into the fork for optimal compatibility, durability and versatility. Adverse conditions, rocks and roots will no longer harm your zip tied fenders. The AWL also comes with a special mount for a soon to be available, next level safety feature. Designed to handle whatever you load it up with and track smoothly and precisely across whatever terrain you point it at, the AWL can unlock your bike’s electric potential, open up new landscapes, and bring adventure to your everyday ride.


    Part Number 910-20-211
    Rake 44mm
    Chassis AWL
    Wheel Size 27.5
    Series AWL
    Travel 120mm
    Damper RAIL
    Damper Controls Sweep-Adj
    Color Matte Black
    Axle 15QRx110
    Steerer 1.5 Tapered
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