URGE - Tourair Red - Cross Country / Gravel Helmet

URGE - Tourair Red - Cross Country / Gravel Helmet

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French Brand

We’re a French brand and we are really proud of our roots.The first MTB championship in history took place in France (Villard de Lans 1987). And the famous Roc D’Azur was born in 1984 not far away from our headquarters in Cogolin. France is genuinely a reference place for Mountain Biking. Really various terrains allow talented riders to express themselves in various practices from XC to DH without forgetting Enduro.Some French champions have been crowned all over the world for 30 years now and 2 of them, Sabrina Jonnier and Fabien Barel, are parts of the Urge adventure from the beginning. That’s also one of the reasons why our products are always well thought and relevant. Main example is no doubt the launch of our Archi Enduro helmet, the first helmet ever fully adapted to Enduro Racing thanks to our large expertise of this practice, especially through Fred Glo (often named Godfather of the Enduro) experience. We do not claim any particular scientific knowledge only legitimate experience and skills.Therefore from the beginning our brand slogan is : Driven by our Roots and we could add: in France. Urge bp team is made of talented and passionate athletes (nearly always riders) living and working in the South of France, between Pyrenean mountains and Mediterranean sea. Every member of the team actively works for the growth of the brand whose goal is to produce the best MTB helmets ever.


The Tourair

is a new piece of our range and is intended for some true XC riding but is also perfectly matching with an alternative use just like Gravel bike.

It’s simple and clean design matches with all the codes inspired from pure Cross Country. No space for useless details and everything you need is set on the right place. It’s light, well ventilated aerodynamic and very comfortable. You’ll never pay attention to it excepted when you crash. That moment when our great security knowledge will be very useful.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful helmet that is supposed to be more expensive but we wanted to keep it affordable for everyone. A perfect deal, don’t you think ?

  • Specifications:

    Vents 21
    Eco Friendly Index 6 / 7
    Weight 272 gr
    Retention system Yes
    Pads Detachable and washable
    Shell Recycled EPS
    Sizing S/M "54-58" ; L/XL "58-62"
    Practice XC and Gravel
    Standards CE1078 - CPSC 1203 - AS/NZS 2063
    Construction In Mold
    Straps Recycled PET